Go The Disney Distance…

By: Margaret Buzard and Melissa Sta. Maria

For our collaborative Google slide activity, we have created a Disney Jeopardy game. Our game has three categories: Songs, Movies, and Characters. Students would see this example as inspiration for them to create their own Jeopardy games. Our hope is that our students will use this format (found online) to create their own Jeopardy game, perhaps to create a fun study guide for class vocabulary. This will help students use technology in a fun, unique way.

When we were students, we loved learning through Jeopardy games. It was a way for us to assess our knowledge in a competitive way. We hope our students see it in this way too.

4 Replies to “Go The Disney Distance…”

  1. Nicely done. Great idea for students to create their own. A good way for them to share their thinking and engage their peers

  2. Thanks Melissa and Margaret – I have personally enjoyed playing Jeopardy in class and have found it to be quite an informative – and fun – way to study. This could be used in so many ways in the classroom!

    Great work!

  3. I love Jeopardy games and I love Disney so you just made my favorite thing. I think this is really great and I like that you made it an example for students to make their own game as well and can share their work with others.

  4. I completely agree that Jeopardy games can be a great student tool for our students. Like Jordyn said having an example for our students is a great tool so they can see what we are looking for from them and having the students create their own games gives them the opportunity to complete the assignment we need from them or study for the test or quiz in a way that is more fun and entertaining for them.

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