What should I wear?

This is an instructional resource for primary elementary grades to use during a weather unit. This is an exciting way to help students associate appropriate weather attire with the seasons. This also provides students with the unique opportunity to learn through exploration independently or as a class.

While making this Google slide show we learned how to hyperlink slides to other slides. We also learned about other ways to make lessons more entertaining and engaging for visual learners while still teaching important content. We are both looking forward to creating adventure stories, and other Google slide show lessons, in order to utilize technology effectively in our future classrooms.

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  1. Jordyn and Kiana, I love your “what should I wear unit”! I think it is an excellent way for students to be reminded of the proper weather attire. A lot of the time, students can get sick from not having the proper clothing, so this might give them visual images as a way to show them what to wear! I also liked how you showed these clothing on the children!

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