Padlet for President – and other Branches of Government too

Hello everyone – thanks for stopping by! This week we are exploring a new program called Padlet. In this example, we used Padlet to create a interactive flowchart outlining the branches of the United States government. This tool offers students a quick collection of videos, pictures, and information as they begin their government course. Whether asking a question, adding fun-facts, or researching the content more deeply, students and teachers can use the tool to add anything to the page, ultimately enhancing the experience for all involved.

What might you add to this Padlet?
How would you use Padlet in your classroom?

View the Padlet in full screen for the best experience – to do so, click “Open in New” on the top right of the Padlet below:

Made with Padlet

2 Replies to “Padlet for President – and other Branches of Government too”

  1. Great idea for leveraging Padlet into a graphic organizer. Great way to organize the content. Nice touch asking for suggestions.

  2. I love how this examines our government through videos, images, and graphics. It is visually appealing and allows students to connect how our government system is tied to the leaders of our country. Nice job!

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