Sorting A Class Library Using Padlet

This Padlet would be used by teachers to sort the books in their classroom library. In this example, I sorted the books by their guided reading levels, however, you can sort them many other ways (genre, author, etc.) Included with each book are possible instructions that could go along with that text making it easy to […]

Annotating in an Elementary Classroom

This Padlet can be used to help upper elementary students keep track of their symbols they use when annotating documents. Students would be able to add their own symbols, pictures, or color coding system that they use. The students can refer to this Padlet when collaborating with peers in order to better understand and identify […]

Padlet for President – and other Branches of Government too

Hello everyone – thanks for stopping by! This week we are exploring a new program called Padlet. In this example, we used Padlet to create a interactive flowchart outlining the branches of the United States government. This tool offers students a quick collection of videos, pictures, and information as they begin their government course. Whether […]