Money for First Grade using PADLET!

For the Padlet assignment, I decided to use the Padlet as a teacher lesson planning tool to prepare and create three lesson plans for a small unit about money and coins for First grade. In this way, I wanted to see how I could utilize Padlet as a teacher, to help organize the ideas, documents, activities, and information I was compiling from multiple sources, and then ultimately using for each of my lesson plans. Padlet provided me with an easy-to-use application that helped me plan my unit in a way that worked for me, was efficient, and something that other teachers could use when planning their own lesson plans regarding money and coins for first grade! I think Padlet is a great application that has a lot of potential for teachers and students alike!

Made with Padlet

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  1. You show how Padlet can be an organizing tool for lesson planning. It does a nice job of showing a graphic, short text and built in hyperlink.

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