What’s in the news today?

My padlet shows the beginning stages of one of the things I would use padlet for in my classroom. I would use padlet as a place for students to post articles or videos of events currently happening in the news. In my padlet I show 5 articles found by 5 different students over the past school week. We would continue this throughout the school year, every day a new student would be responsible for finding an article about a current event to add to the padlet and share with the class. We will use these articles every day as a discussion topic about what the current event was, why they chose to share this article or video, and why we as a class think it is important to learn about this. Another cool way I could see padlet being used that is similar to this idea comes from something I see being done in my current classroom. We currently create one-pagers about “changemakers” we see throughout history, we could easily use this idea and make it tech-friendly using padlet. Every day we could add a new article about the changemaker of the day or add the video we watched that day onto the padlet so if students want to return and see all the changemakers we have studied they have an easy place to return too. I think that padlet is a really fun idea that a lot of students would enjoy using and creating a presentation or saving their work to return to later.

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