iBooks: An ED-Tech Celebration

For our final classroom project, I suggest we create an iBook that encapsulates all that we have learned, created, and explored during our time in ED 424. This iBook could serve as a resource for teachers, students, and parents – regardless of age, technological capability, or subject area. In this iBook, each author would write about and demonstrate something we have learned in class. One author might create a screen cast on how to use Apple’s “Swift Playgrounds,” while another author may contribute to the project by creating a chapter on “Digital Hygiene” and the importance of citing sources across all areas of content. We have had 14 weeks of class and there are 13 members in the classroom, ensuring that each person would have a specific content area that they could use to create a chapter in the iBook.

In this iBook, authors can use the many tools we have learned and integrate them into the iBook – ultimately making this a summative, “meta”-assignment. Authors can use screen-casting, content creation, and more to create an immersive iBook experience.

Once the iBook is completed, teachers can use the resource to quickly understand what technology tool to use for a given task, while also receiving a synopsis on how to best use the technology. Each chapter could include examples of the technology that we created throughout the semester to further aid the resource. Students and parents alike could use this resource to better understand how to use different pieces of technology that students may be required to use in class. Furthermore, this resource – although designed for teachers – could provide value to anyone seeking to use any of the technology outlined in the iBook.

This iBook, created by ED 424 students, could serve as a significant learning opportunity for the authors while providing immense value to anyone involved with or interested in Education Technology.


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