Lesson Planning Just Got A Little More Fun

This place value lesson was created on TED-ED and was made for 1st-3rd graders. Place value can be an extremely difficult concept to master especially when students are provided with only blocks, pencils and paper to help them. This place value song is catchy and offers visuals and fun word problems to help students connect to the content. After students watch the video they are given multiple choice questions that work as a brief online formative assessment to check for understanding. Students may also visit the Khan Academy link for more assistance and practice problems to help drive home this concept. Finally students can participate in an online discussion and can work through the challenge problem as a class. This is a great way to encourage parents and their child to engage in the content material at home. I will certainly be using TED-Ed in the future!

2 Replies to “Lesson Planning Just Got A Little More Fun”

  1. Nice adaptation of the video into a lesson using TEDEd. Cool video makes it fun. Kids will like this.

  2. Kiana, I really liked the video you chose. Many kids love music and a catchy tune like this will help students remember the concept of place value. I also enjoyed the quiz at the beginning and how you gave the option through Khan Academy for students to dig deeper! It can extend the learning and I feel like your students will sing this song in their heads or aloud while they complete the extension.

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