Using TED Ed to Make Lessons

TED Ed is a rather nice way to create video-based lesson, as it provides and easy to pick up framework for doing so. The system provides users with a method to add questions, discussions, an comments of your own surrounding any youtube video you wish. When released to your students (who either enter their own names or can create an account of their own), you can track their responses to questions, their additions to discussions, and direct them to hints when they make incorrect answers. You can view my lesson here.

The TED Ed system is really quite great, aside from the bugs that plague it. I experienced issues updating the correct answers to questions and embedding links that could not be solved except perhaps by redoing the entire lesson from scratch. While these bugs aren’t bad enough to make the app unusable, they’re definitely something to keep in mind.


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  1. Weird bugs – strange, but I now see the hyperlink???
    Good video to use as the basis of a lesson. Makes me want to dig up that my old “ChemCraft” set. Always fun to pour off at eye level w/o protection.

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