“VideoAnt” (Classroom Discussion through Video)

¬† In Ed Tech class this week, we explored different applications that could be used in the classroom to facilitate discussion and be more hands-on than other technology we might be inclined to use. In addition, we were able to manipulate and edit videos that have already been created in order to build a lesson, […]

It’s All About Density – Oil and Water

This science lesson was created using EdPuzzle which is a ¬†website that allows you to pick a video, add audio recording, and insert quizzes to check student understanding. For my particular lesson, i chose a video about density because it was humorous to watch yet informative. My fourth graders in my field experience class would […]

Lesson Planning Just Got A Little More Fun

This place value lesson was created on TED-ED and was made for 1st-3rd graders. Place value can be an extremely difficult concept to master especially when students are provided with only blocks, pencils and paper to help them. This place value song is catchy and offers visuals and fun word problems to help students connect […]