It’s All About Density – Oil and Water

This science lesson was created using EdPuzzle which is a  website that allows you to pick a video, add audio recording, and insert quizzes to check student understanding. For my particular lesson, i chose a video about density because it was humorous to watch yet informative. My fourth graders in my field experience class would love this video because it does not just have content, but it also has an animated character who gets into a lot of trouble. This engaging animation helps students connect with the video because they aren’t sure what the character will do next. In the process of being engaged, they will gain new vocabulary and will be checked through the added media.

This gives students a picture of what density is and how simple objects in their environment are more dense than others. For this video below, you will notice I used a combination of quizzes spread throughout and audio recording. In my personal opinion, I liked this combination, because it adds the teachers’ voice into the video rather than having the teacher pause. Since it is integrated into the lesson, the students may think it’s apart of the video and be more likely to listen.  For future lessons, I intend to use this program as it is easy to use, contains multiple ways to check student understanding, and can be shared easily.

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  1. You used EdPuzzle to effectively build on a clever video. Instead of simply watching the video, the students were guided with thinking prompts and checks for understanding.

    I thought your prompts were well crafted – making predictions, students sharing their thinking in a variety of formats, etc.

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