Gravity VideoAnt

For my video lesson I used video ant to add question to a video made by crash course about gravity. I think this is a great resource to have as a teacher because it allows you to add discussion questions directly onto a video and also allows your students to respond back to your question directly or add on to peer’s responses.
I think videoant can be a very useful tool because it can be used to allow your students to react to the video and get their thoughts down while watching the video. I think that this could be really beneficial for the students who have great thoughts to add to the discussion but are too afraid to speak up in class. This app allows them to write down all their responses which allows the teacher to go back and see all students thinking.
Another plus to this app is that it is simple and easy to use for both the student and the teacher and is easy to export and share with others. However, one major downfall I saw with this app is that I was not able to see new comments without refreshing the page which is a little frustrating and not the best for discussion based in response to peers but could easily be worked around I believe.

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