Class 11: Turn Videos into Lessons

Because video is such a powerful and versatile instructional tool we have devoted three classes to different methods of video creation:

One we didn’t mention: You can create a slide presentation (Keynote, Powerpoint, Google slides) and then export it as a video. You can even record your narration as you move through the slides. (I think Keynote is the easiest to use).

This week our focus will shift from creating videos to designing lessons around existing video content. The same tools can be used to build a lesson using video you created or a video posted by someone else. That’s good news since there’s so much video content out there.

Students will work in teams to evaluate three apps that all assist teachers in turning videos into lessons. Each video lesson builder has different features that allow teachers to annotate and add instruction content to existing video. They also have different assets and liabilities. Students will have a chance to explore the three apps in small groups and then select an app to use for this week’s assignment.

First off – a quick nod to ViewPure – an easy way to share video content with students without “risking” related sidebar content. Click here to “purify” a video.

Then here’s our three comparative video lesson builders.

  1. TEDed – build a lesson around any TEDed original, TED talk or YouTube video
  2. EdPuzzle – Pick a video, add your magical touch and track your students’ understanding
  3. VideoAnt – Use VideoAnt to add annotations, or comments, to web-hosted videos.

More resources:

Assignment Due Tues April 10th | Completed work

Use one of the three video lesson apps to turn a video into a lesson. You can use a video you create or a video you find on the internet.  Note: VideoAnt and EdPuzzle both provide embed codes that you can add to your post. TEDed does not provide an embed feature. So you can take a screenshot of your TEDed lesson and use it in you post with a hyperlink to the full lesson.

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