Class 7: Foster Student Engagement in the 1:1 Classroom

Today we’ll look at a variety of tools to support student engagement in the 1:1 classroom. While we realize not all classrooms have devices for every student, it is the direction we’re headed. To help simulate the experience, we’ll have the iPad cart.

Ben will introduce Padlet – an app that enables users to create an online bulletin board to display information on any topic. It has many options for types of information that can be collected. It’s great for curating information – either individually or with others.

Before we move into the work phase of class, Peter will share some ideas on good curation of content. For more read: Are You a Curator or a Dumper?

Assignment: DUE TUESDAY March 6 | Completed Work

Students should create a free Padlet account and use it to create a padlet which they will embed in this week’s post.

For inspiration:

“30 creative ways to use Padlet for teachers and students”
Padlet gallery

Here’s a few options:

Organizing:  Student can work alone to create or in teams to create a padlet.  Once created the padlet can be a finished product or serve as an invite for the rest of our class to contribute to their padlet.

Content ideas:

  • Ideas / resources for leveraging 1:1 in their course or grade level.
  • Ed tech resources for a topic of their choice
  • A padlet that serves as the basis of a learning activity with their students.
  • A fun padlet for the whole class to contribute to.

Students should embed the Padlet in a post that explains the intent, audience and purpose. If you intend for your classmates to contribute, you should post their padlet by Sunday eve (March 4) and send an invite to the rest of the class.

Image source: Wokandapix/ Pixabay via Adobe Spark

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