Tech Savvy Teachers need to Be Efficient

Tech Savvy Teachers Need to be efficient. Before technology, students were required to take notes by hand, spend hours in the library researching an assignment, and experience difficulty with collaborating. Now, today’s students can type away expediently on the computer, find cutting-edge research online, and collaborate using google docs. Teachers can use technology to post […]

Tech Savvy Teachers take Dory’s Advice

  As a fish who struggles with short-term memory loss, Dory has encountered many obstacles in her life. Yet, deeply ingrained in her psyche is the mantra, “Just Keep Swimming.” Dory’s lighthearted mantra reminds us to persevere and “dig in” in the face of a challenge. For teachers of the 21st century, Dory’s mantra rings […]

Tech savvy teachers need a back up plan.

“Control C, control P” was one of the first tricks I learned on the computer. I remember my teacher showing me how to do this and this forever impacted my outlook on technology. Through technology, I was able to design efficient presentations, learn at my own pace, and become informed about Microsoft Office programs. Having […]

Tech Savvy Teachers Need To…

Throughout my experiences in classrooms, I have noticed that it can be difficult to create a learning environment that is affective for all students’ learning styles. To do this in my own future classroom, I will integrate technology into different lessons. Using technology, such as iPads, allows students to have a visual right in front […]

Tech Savvy Teachers Need To…

As technology becomes further prevalent in classrooms across the country–and all over the world– teachers are called to embrace technological practices and make them an active part of the curriculum. Although many students may have more experience with certain aspects of technology than the teachers, the modern classroom embraces an opportunity for students and teachers […]

Tech Savvy Teachers Can Make Deeper Connections With Students Through Technology

Being in the midst of a booming digital era, it is only fitting that teachers learn the same skills that their students have been picking up over the few years of their lives. The classrooms that students are learning in today are entirely different from the classrooms these teachers once saw growing up. Technology has […]