Tech Savvy Teachers Need To…

As technology becomes further prevalent in classrooms across the country–and all over the world– teachers are called to embrace technological practices and make them an active part of the curriculum. Although many students may have more experience with certain aspects of technology than the teachers, the modern classroom embraces an opportunity for students and teachers to work together to learn, grow, and create.

Part of the teacher’s experience with technology requires adaptability. As technology changes, teachers must be able to take their prior knowledge, understand the technology they are using, and be prepared with another plan of action if some aspect of the technology or lesson does not work correctly. Due to the fact that technology has the ability to break, stall, or fail in a multitude of ways, teachers should incorporate alternatives into their lesson plan, and be patient if the technology does not respond immediately.

There is so much potential for technology to be a welcome addition to the classroom and with the right preparation and adaptability, future teachers have a wonderful chance to grow alongside their students.

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  1. Agreed! Adaptability is key. There’s an old adage in teaching … “Monitor and Adjust” applies equally to your students and the tools you use to reach them.

  2. Dylan,
    I love what you said about adaptability. As a future teacher I am learning how important that word is. We are always going to be adapting to new things in the classroom, and technology is definitely one thing. Loved your work!

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