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Throughout my experiences in classrooms, I have noticed that it can be difficult to create a learning environment that is affective for all students’ learning styles. To do this in my own future classroom, I will integrate technology into different lessons. Using technology, such as iPads, allows students to have a visual right in front of them, and also provides for a hands-on learning experience. Including technology in the classroom would also help to assist special education students and make it easier to include them in a general education setting. For these reasons, it is necessary that myself and other teachers be  tech savvy.



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  1. A great observation – meet the student where they are. It helps if you have assignments that invite diverse responses. One of the great things about tech is it makes it so easy to customize. Students can create products that reflect their interests and skills.

  2. Hey Laura, great post! I remember learning about Gardner’s theory of multiple intelligence in an earlier class and this post brought it to mind. Technology can really help us teachers use this theory to appeal to the many ways that students learn. Rather than only having pencil and paper, almost all students now have access to photography, video production, graphic design, Google Earth, music programs, and so many more options that allow them to create. This creation can, in turn, lead to a wide variety of learning experiences to appeal to all students. It is awesome that you want to integrate technology into your classroom to help students of all talents and backgrounds.

    Great work!

  3. Excellent point! Each individual student is going to have their own learning style that will challenge you to adjust how you teach. While you could attempt to create lessons that can effectively address every different way that students intake information, an easier way to address your students learning diversity could be to offer them some freedom in deciding how they approach each objective. For example, a teacher could allow their students to show that they understand a topic using a variety of means such as writing a paper, presenting the info in front of the class, or by completing a worksheet.

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