My Technology Journey- Shaping the Next Generation

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Here are some of my favorite posts that I created over the semester! Technology in the classroom is important to have because with these new generations, kids are so good at using their IPads, IPhones, and much more. Kids are so creative and with these different technology resources they are able to apply their creativity and knowledge through their work! Now that I have been introduced to so many great technology resources, I can’t wait to incorporate them into my future classroom!

Here is my first post of the semester! I learned how to use gifs, embed youtube/tiktok videos, and images! This post explains why I would like to become a teacher and who my inspiration is!
In this post, I used Jamboard which is a great technology resource that you may want to consider using in your own classroom. This tool is easy to use and allows students to collaborate together!
This post showcases the many ways we can use google forms! You can use this tool as a self-graded quiz to see where your students are at with the materials they have been learning in class! There is also the option to make a branching form that I never knew existed! Check it out!
In this post, I used an Edpuzzle video, I was able to choose what grade and content I wanted to focus on and the best part is there are certain places in the video that pauses to ask the viewer a questioner to make sure they understand the concept! I will definitely be using this when I become a future educator!
We explored MyMaps and I was able to create a map of the school that I attended back on Oahu! This tool can work as a campus tour or even places you have traveled around the world!
Hailey and I created a google site on identifying our emotions! Students would have access to all of the content on the website and be able to have multiple resources available to them!
This was my last post for the semester and the one I am most proud of! I used BookCreator to create a book of my own that introduces the topic of weather! This tool was great and easy to use as I was able to come up with my own story that my students would understand.
Photo by Howie R on Unsplash

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