Reasons why Ms. Honnaka wants to become a teacher

I am so excited to be a future educator! Looking back to past experiences these are the reasons why I want to become a teacher.

  1. I have watched my mom teach ever since I was a little girl. I would always go into work with her and pretend I was her teacher assistant. My mom has always been my biggest supporter and my goal is to become a great teacher just like her! She truly is my biggest inspiration!

teaching down the hall from my mom is definitely a 10/10 #momanddaughter #teachersoftiktok

♬ Mom – Meghan Trainor

2. Ever since attending ‘Iolani School back on Oahu, I have been a dance coach for little girls (Kindergarten-3rd Grade). Some of my students are now in the 9th grade and seeing how much they have grown really is rewarding.

3. My love for kids!! I absolutely love children, students that I have worked with in the past always had so much energy and could cheer me up when I was having a bad day. My favorite part about working with little kids is that they have such an amazing imagination and some of the ideas they come up with have never crossed my mind before.

Photo by Adam Winger on Unsplash

4. I love to communicate and converse with anyone and everyone! I have always been someone that loves to talk and get to know people. I would consider myself to be very personable and outgoing because I like to get to know new people. I knew that I needed to figure out a career path that would allow me to communicate and converse with other people because of how talkative I am.

5. As a student in middle school and high school, I discovered that I learn differently than others, I used creativity as an emotional outlet. I have been a dancer since I was four years old and as I got older I realized that dance was what helped me get through school. My dance teacher at ‘Iolani was the one person that really pushed me and helped me to succeed as a person in the dance world and in the academic field. As a future educator, I hope that I am able to help my students find that safe place and that one thing that inspires them to push themselves.

6. The last reason is this is a chance to help shape and create our future generations! I am excited to inspire and educate young children who look up to us as their role models. Reason being, when I was younger I have always looked up to my teachers and wished I could be just like them and make a difference!

You all will be wonderful teachers! You got it!

2 Replies to “Reasons why Ms. Honnaka wants to become a teacher”

  1. Kasidy,
    Some great reasons for being a teacher. Starting with your mom! I like that you shadowed her as a “teaching assistant.”

    You reflection on your learning style is a real “superpower.” It’s clear you have discovered the power of artistic and creative expression in your learning journey.

    That enables you to share that perspective with your students – something you’ve already discovered as a dance coach.

  2. Kasidy, these gifs made me absolutely cackle! I cannot wait to see you become a teacher because I know you’re truly passionate about this work and your students will benefit so greatly from it.

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