Where is it?

Grade level: Kindergarten

Activity: The activity the students will be doing is on Edpuzzle. They will watch the video “on/in/under practice.” During the video, students will be shown a picture of an object on/in/under and they will need to complete and answer the multiple choice question in order to keep moving on in the video. This will help the teacher to see how well his/her students understand on/in/under. After the video is completed, another activity that I would like to do is have my students create their own on/in/under drawings and test their classmates. This will allow them to use their creativity along with practicing these skills more.


  1. The teacher will do a lesson on, “on/in/under” and what each of these prepositions are and how to appropriately use them.
  2. After students have a better understanding on this lesson, students will watch the video on Edpuzzle on their own electronic device (provided by the school).
  3. Students will be told to complete the “on/in/under practice.” Students will not be able to move on in the video if they do not complete the multiple choice questions after each picture in the video is shown.
  4. After students complete the video they will be instructed to create their own drawings of showing the prepositions of “on/in/under”. Students will have class time to work on this and if they do not finish they will take it home as homework so that they can bring it back the next day to share and test their classmates.

If you are not able to access the video above, use this link!

4 Replies to “Where is it?”

  1. Kas, I thought this lesson was so so cute! I never thought about how this is something that we need to teach students. I really enjoyed how specific you got about instructions and other ideas you had that could be used to build on this one. (I was able to watch the video on youtube which I loved and I understand the idea and can imagine where you’d be putting the questions… but I can’t actually see your Edpuzzle. I’m not sure if that’s just me. Good job!)

  2. Kassidy, I like the combination of video, EdPuzzle questions and student illustrations of the understanding of the terms. A very thorough approach. It’s a fun video and your questions add some accountability to student participation. Nicely done.
    PS: You forgot to add a featured image

  3. Kasidy!! You did a great job on your lesson idea. I can totally see the ideas come together when reading your instructions and explanation of your activity. I think this is a really great way to teach students positionality words. GREAT JOB!

  4. Kassidy, great job! Similar to Chloe, your lesson was a reminder of the importance of teaching prepositions to kiddos because it’s naturally not as intuitive for them compared to us adults. I enjoyed the management aspect where there was always something else that could be done so to ensure there were no students simply waiting around doing nothing after they completed their work. They could then draw their own examples and test their friends, which makes things so much more interactive, creative, and meaningful! Great job!!

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