Let’s Learn Photosynthesis!

This activity is meant for a 1st grade science class

Context: This is an Edpuzzle that the teacher will do with their class. Because it is a little bit more advanced and there are some bigger words, I’d suggest to do this in a classroom with more TAG students who are ready to tackle more in depth parts of the plants. Something like this would not be used as an introduction activity to the unit, I think it would be better to do when students have some idea of what photosynthesis is but while still unaware of the specific parts of the plants that are involved.

Instructions: Students will click on this video and will be told to pay close attention because there will be interactive questions throughout the video. Students will be responsible for going through the video and correctly answering questions that they are asked.

Direct link to video HERE.

3 Replies to “Let’s Learn Photosynthesis!”

  1. Chloe! I loved this video! It was so cute and I definitely would have loved something like this as a student. I also like that you suggested this for the more advanced students, I feel like the older you get and the more advanced you are, the FUN in school and specific activities just start to diminish. Thanks for sharing!

  2. Chloe, a fun way to teach about photosynthesis. Good call about vocabulary needs. A wise idea to differentiate that.

  3. Chloe, great questions on your video! I learned something while watching too! Having the questions will keep students engaged in the lesson.

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