Establishing Classroom Community

Grade: 3rd

I chose to make a video on Adobe to show first week of school for classroom expectations.

It can help students to see visuals to understand what they should do.

Class will watch together and then at the end students will share what expectations they would like to add to create a collaborative classroom community.

Direct link to Video:

Featured Image: Jernej Furman on Flickr

4 Replies to “Establishing Classroom Community”

  1. Jenna! I loved this video, it was so so cute and I also appreciated that you provided visuals and examples of your expectations. This seems like a timeless video to use every year, that you could easily edit if things happen to change. Love this idea!

  2. Hi Jenna! This is a great and unique way to set classroom expectations and norms for the students to refer to during the year. Much like Mykaela, I love that you can edit the video if needed and students will be able to contribute to their classroom community through this lesson.

  3. Hey Jenna, great job! Your video was short and sweet, yet conveyed very important information that was easy to digest! When I first started classroom observing, I noticed these same nonverbal cues being used throughout that day and it really makes all the difference compared to having to stop what you’re doing to listen and then give permission for things like using the bathroom in the middle of a lesson. It also makes it easier for kids to communicate their needs. I remember being so confused at first when I saw all the students using them, and there were still some I didn’t really figure out. But your video made it clear for me! So thank you for teaching me these signals haha

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