Japanese Sentence Structure Practice!

I decided to try a Japanese language lesson for this post since I’m also interested in teaching Japanese one day! Since there’s no specific grade level for learning a foreign language, I decided to make my lesson based on a high school 1st-year Japanese class. The video I created for this post will be a supplementary video for students having trouble learning the basic sentence structure of Japanese.

今日は皆さん!This week, we focused on the basic sentence structure of Japanese and learned the abbreviation “TTPOV” which stands for topic, time, place, object, and verb. I know we’ve been rushing through this lesson, so I understand if there is still some confusion on sentence structure.

Over the weekend, please watch my review video below and use this Google Drawing to follow along! After you’ve watched it, create three unique sentences using TTPOV. You can use the words I supplied in the word bank to get some practice first, but please use your own vocabulary for your three sentences and get creative with it! 頑張って下さい!

I hope you have a restful weekend! I’ll see you in class on Monday! !お疲れ様でした!じゃまた月曜日:)

Photo Credit: Photo by Angga Indratama on Unsplash

2 Replies to “Japanese Sentence Structure Practice!”

  1. Lannie, a very informative video. When paired with the Jamboard – it makes for an engaging presentation that clearly explains Japanese sentence structure.
    You clearly rehearsed it, but I like that you kept going when you.
    My son-in-law is in the US State Dept and spent a year learning Japanese before his Tokyo post. Our daughter learned as well. Taught us some. Fun to use on trips to Tokyo. But wish we had your fluency.

  2. Hi Lannie! This is such an awesome video. I love how you paired this with the Google Drawing to help follow along. This is such a fun way to learn a language and I know that students would be so interested in this. I feel like if this was one of the ways that I had learned Spanish in high school I would have been much more interested than I was!

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