Exploring Diphthongs

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This lesson is for first-grade students to practice what they have been learning in their phonics lessons with diphthongs.

First, as a class, read the book Look by Fiona Woodcock to review the diphthong /oo/. This book is composed strictly of oo words. If you are reading the book to students, read the first few pages without introducing the pattern and see if students catch it on their own.
Here is a read aloud option if you do not have the book:

The reading starts at 2:50.

After the read-aloud, have students stand up to sing along to the Jack Hartman video. Instruct students to sing along the first time and move their bodies as they would like. Remind them that the second time they watch it they will get to practice diphthongs on their iPad.

After watching the video once as a class, students will go to their iPads to record themselves saying each diphthong and reading the words back using the voice recording feature on edpuzzle. The voice recordings are during the second half of the video so students have another chance to hear the words before repeating the sounds back.

Here is a link for the video in case the HTML embedded link does not work.

After students have finished their voice recordings for diphthongs, have them return to the carpet and thing of words that fit under each diphthongs /oi/, /oa/, /au/, /ue/, /oy/, /ow/, /oo/, /ew/. The teacher should record students thinking for each word and the anchor chart can be displayed in the room for students to reference and add to in the future.

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  1. Marlee, a fun lesson that makes good use of two videos – the second with student response via EdPuzzle. Great that you integrated students recording their own sounds as an added learning element. Great integration of technology to enhance the lesson. PS. English is such a strange language with all its unusual letter combinations / sounds. It’s a wonder kids can learn it.

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