Needs VS Wants

Grade Level: First Grade

Activity: This is a first grade Economics Social Studies lesson. Students will be watching a video on EdPuzzle that discusses the differences between “Needs” (Shelter, Food, Air, Etc.) versus “Wants” (Cupcakes, Cars, Toys, Etc.) While the students watch the video there will be multiple points in which they have the opportunity to answer both open ended and multiple choice questions. After hearing about needs, students will be able to either write or say something that is a “need” in their lives. In addition, students will be able to name a “want” in their lives after wants are described. Then, the video will show different examples and there will be a section in which students are able to chose whether something is a need or a want. After the video is watched, the students will complete a “Needs vs Wants” sorting activity in which they cut out different pictures and glue the pictures under either the “Need” section or “Want” section.


  1. The teacher will open the lesson with a review on the previous economics lesson and then discuss the new topic of “Needs” versus “Wants”
  2. After the lesson begins, the students will be able to watch the EdPuzzle on “Needs VS Wants” on their school provided electronic devices (Chromebooks, iPads, etc.)
  3. Students will watch the video and answer the questions, as they are prompted throughout the video. Within EdPuzzle, the students will not be able to continue through the video until the questions are answered.
  4. After the video is watched and the students answer the questions on the video, they will be able to complete a sorting activity on needs vs wants in which they cut out pictures and glue them on the correct section.

View “Needs vs Wants” video below!

If the embedded video does not work, click on the EdPuzzle link here.

4 Replies to “Needs VS Wants”

  1. Elizabeth, as a former HS eco teacher, always pleased to see the littles getting their start in economics. Great use for EdPuzzle to support the core concept of needs vs wants. Also a good life lesson for all of us.

  2. Great lesson! I love your choice in topic, it is important for students to learn this. I like the video you choose to ask questions about.

  3. Hey Elizabeth, I enjoyed the video! It was simple and easy to follow along with, yet it taught a very important lesson that kids (sometimes even I need to relearn it lol) need to learn! And it’s always great to get that interaction throughout the video to keep students engaged. Great job!

  4. Elizabeth, great job! I really like introducing this lesson to students and your questions throughout the video help keep them engaged in their learning. I think this could be a great transition into equity and how different people need different things. Great job!

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