Practicing Kindness

This social emotional lesson would take place in a Kindergarten/ first grade classroom. It will be taught after the Second Step lesson on kindness to give students extra practice noticing kind acts and recognizing how being kind makes a person feel.

“Okay class! Today we’ve been talking a lot about kindness through our Second Step lesson and with some of the books we’ve read aloud. Now I want each of you to practice what we’ve learned on your own!

Please get out your iPads and click on the assignment for today. You’re going to watch a fun video and answer the questions as they come up. Some questions ask you to choose the right answer and some ask you to click the microphone and give your own answer. Listen to the instructions and raise your hand if you have a question. Ready…. Set… GO!”

Direct link to Video Here:

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  1. Hi Isabella! Good work on this video, I love this lesson idea and the interaction with the video that you chose. I think this is a great video for a SEL lesson and I think the kids would love it. Great job!

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