Solid Shape Sillies!!!

Block Image by MagicPattern on Unsplash

Link to Edpuzzle if preview is not working!

Grade Level: Kindergarten, Math (geometry)

Instructions for learners: We will watch this video and complete the questions together as a class. This is a fun way for the students to learn about the features of different solid shapes!

Context: This Edpuzzle would be viewed as an introduction to solid shapes. This video will allow students to engage as a whole class and deepen their understanding of solid shapes.

3 Replies to “Solid Shape Sillies!!!”

  1. Kaelyn, what a cute project! I really liked this video and I thought the questions were perfect. I also wanted to add that I liked where you placed your questions… especially the vertices one… because it stopped the video in a place for students to be able to count on the screen if they’re not sure.

  2. Hi Kaelyn!
    I loved reading your post and watching your interactive video that you created on Edpuzzle. This is such a great idea for kindergarten math because they will be able to interact with the animations in the video. Another thing is that now that technology is such a huge part in our daily lives, this is a great way for students to use technology!

  3. Kaelyn, good choice of video – loads of fun for kids learning about shapes. Your questions do a good job of reinforcing the learning.

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