Counting Coins

Photo by Amelia Spink on Unsplash

Context of the activity: This Edpuzzle video would be viewed by students during a lesson on coins and counting. The video would be used both to teach the content and to check for student understanding.

Target Student Group: 1st grade, math

Instructions for students: Watch this video, which will auto pause at certain points to ask you questions or prompt you to think about something.

Link to my EdPuzzle video if custom HTML isn’t displaying for you

3 Replies to “Counting Coins”

  1. Hailey! I loved how interactive the EdPuzzle was. That is one video creation site that I want to look more into. You can add specialized questions as you did. This is such a great way to get students involved in different types of lessons. Not only is it a great way to teach students about a certain concept, but like you said it is a great formative type assessment to keep track of student understanding.

  2. Hi Hailey! I loved the fun video you chose and I love that you were able to add questions from the video into the EdPuzzle to make it more interactive. This would be a quick, interactive, and easy way to track student learning before moving on to the next lesson regarding money. I also really like the different format of questions that you used! Great job!

  3. Hailey, fun video – and how doesn’t like a robot that finds money! Good use of EdPuzzle to turn a video into an interactive lesson.

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