Illustrations and Context Clues

Student Group: 1st-2nd grade English

Activity: Practice using illustrations and context clues to figure out the meaning of new words/ideas.


1. Teacher will play this video to the whole class

2. Teacher will pause when the video says, or when any word/phrase that student’s do not recognize is read

3. When video is paused, the teacher will explain how students can figure out the meaning based on the pictures and context clues, or ask students to demonstrate understanding

4. May use glossary at the end of the video to double check and go over definitions

Ex. Figuring out that the word “pipipi” is a type of a snail based on the picture, and that the sentence also said “tiny snails” in it.

5 Replies to “Illustrations and Context Clues”

  1. Hi Mykaela! This is such a fun book you have chosen and it is also an important skill to use illustrations and context clues as you read. I really appreciated how you added pause! cues in the video because this would be a great reminder when re-playing the video to students. Your instructions also seem very easy to follow!

  2. Mykaela! I loved your post. I think it is such an important thing to teach students how to use context to learn new terms or phrases. Watching the video also gave me such an amazing sense of what the lesson could look like. I appreciate the fact you also provided text examples in your overall post as well. Overall, I think your lesson is awesome!

  3. Mykaela!! I really like your lesson idea for this post! What I really enjoyed was that your read aloud was that it was very personable. I think by you reading the book really allowed me to see what the lesson/activity would look like in your classroom! Great idea!

  4. Hi Mykaela! I enjoyed watching your read aloud and I think that this is perfect for 1st and 2nd graders. This will definitely help students practice using illustrations and context clues to figure out the meaning of the words/ideas. I would totally use this in my future classroom! Great job!

  5. Mykaela, I’m so glad you video taped a read aloud. It such a great resource for kids to be able to watch and have a book “read to them.”

    It’s a charming story and you do a good job as a reader. You have a very caring “teach voice” that I’m sure students will enjoy.

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