The Hero’s Journey: The Movie

Context: Students will be creating their own video through Adobe Creative Cloud Express Video Maker dedicated to the hero’s journey.

Grade Level: 4th/5th Grade

Subject: English Language Arts


  1. Students will be assigned to draft a hero’s journey and then create the final product in Adobe Creative Cloud Express Video Maker.
  2. When first opening the video maker, students will be asked to follow the directions of choosing the hero’s journey as the format for video making.
  3. From there students can input there: the setup, the call to adventure, the challenge (or rising action), the climax, and finally, the resolution.
  4. After creating their posts, students will then have time to share the creations with one another in small groups to show what their process was like and how their story fits that of the hero’s journey.

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2 Replies to “The Hero’s Journey: The Movie”

  1. Georgina, this is a great idea for using Adobe video to enable students to tell a story. Your example is well aligned with your assignment and is totally adorable. Captivating idea and well-chosen photos. Even has a slightly adventurous sound track. Students will be inspired to create their own “Hero’s Journey.”

  2. Hi Georgina! I think it is great how you are tasking your students with using the video-making software themselves instead of limiting it to being a teacher-used software. I remember the Hero’s Journey being such an interesting Language Arts topic. I think your assignment setup would allow students plenty of room for creativity while also reinforcing the key elements of the Hero’s Journey. Great job!

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