Welcome to your New Home!

‘Iolani School

Lesson: An Introduction to your New Home!

Targeted Grade: Incoming 6th Graders

Goal: At ‘Iolani School, a big year for accepting students is in 6th grade. They take 25 girls and 25 boys so this lesson can be done either before students accept their enrollment or this can be done at orientation. Students will use MyMaps to explore both the lower school and upper school buildings along with important locations that they will need to know. Many students at ‘Iolani also play sports so on the MyMaps there is a section that specifically shows the different fields, gyms, etc. When students are seniors in high school they will have the privilege to go off campus to eat lunch, on the map I included places that are nearby that is convenient and accessible. Since parents also attend orientation, they will also be able to see the food plays nearby in case they are wondering what types of places surround the school. The point of making this map was to help those incoming 6th graders feel more comfortable and welcome as they are starting a new chapter in their life. Attending a new school can be scary and difficult to adjust to but hopefully with this map they will have a better sense of where their classes are.

Student Feedback: If students struggle or have questions using this map, they will be able to ask for help from our tour guides or from our orientation committee.

2 Replies to “Welcome to your New Home!”

  1. Kasidy! I love this idea of a map of the school for not only parents, but also students. I remember being so lost when first entering high school and something like this would have really helped me to feel more comfortable. Thanks for sharing!

  2. Kasidy, A great idea for MyMaps to communicate school locations to parents and students. I think it would be re-assuring to new students to have an idea of where these spaces are.
    One suggestion – you might want to use the satellite view. That show buildings and courtyards in detail. PS: Like all the food spots!

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