Field Trip to the Zoo!

Grade: Any elementary school grade – Science

Goal: Students will go on a field trip to the zoo, this map will be shared with parents/guardians who would like to know what will be happening and at what times. This map will help assist parents to know when they should be at school to drop off/pick up their kids, as well as in the event that they need to pick students up early from the field trip location.

4 Replies to “Field Trip to the Zoo!”

  1. Mykaela, a great idea to use MyMap to support a field trip. Parents and kids always have so many questions. This answer many of them in the context of location information. Very clever

  2. Mykaela, I never even thought about using these for field trips but I actually think that is brilliant! I might have to do this in my own classroom because I feel like it would be so helpful for parents and answer all the questions that they might have. It is also nice for everyone to be able to see exactly where the students are traveling. Great great idea!

  3. This is a great idea! This is not only a great resource for students and parents but teachers as well! Planning a field trip could definitely get confusing, but by mapping out the activities like this, it’ll make everything that much more organized and easy to visualize. Good job!

  4. Mykaela, it didn’t even cross my mind to use MyMaps this way! I think it’s so easy to make, understand, and access that it’s a win-win all around.

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