All About the Weather!!!

Photo by Neda Astani on Unsplash

Targeted student group: Kindergarten

Guide for other teachers to use:

  1. This will be the first of three lessons on the topic of weather
  2. Have students open up their IPads/chrome books to view the book creator book that Ms. Honnaka created, they will be able to use the read aloud feature if they are not able to read the words in the book
  3. After students read and view the book creator about the weather, the teacher will have a whole class discussion with his/her students to hear about their main takeaway and what they learned from the book creator.
  4. Activity: Have students draw and write about what type of day they prefer and what type of activity they would do!

Instructional Goal: From this first lesson on weather, my main goal is for students to understand that there are different types of weather (ex. sunny, rainy, snowy). Along with knowing that there are activities to do in all types of weather. Sometimes when it is a rainy day, we don’t know what to do because we can’t go outside, but this lesson will help students to put on their thinking caps and think of a variety of activities to do in any type of weather!

How Book Creator supported my instructional goal: I decided to use book creator because there are so many options it has to offer. Students love technology and there are so many great resources out there for them to explore. By creating a book I thought that it would be a great interactive tool for them to use because it gives them an example of how they could create their own book in the future after seeing the one I created. Along with being able to have access on the book creator to watch a youtube read-aloud. The last point I wanted to make was that I was able to add pictures and especially for kindergarteners it can help them to visualize what is being talked about which helps them learn more!

2 Replies to “All About the Weather!!!”

  1. Hi Kasidy! What a great lesson! I really appreciated your thorough rationale for using Book Creator- those are all very beneficial reasons for using it. I also love how you listed different activities for the types of days. I could see students referring back to it when they are looking for things to do!

  2. Kassidy, Your decision to choose Book Creator is a good one. And you choose a fun idea for a book. It personalizes the lesson because it invites them to think about what they would do in different type of weather. Its well illustrated and clearly written so student could read along or let the book read to them. It also serves as a model for similar books that students could design or contribute to.

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