What would we do without it?

I decided to do a self-graded quiz on addition and subtraction. This would be for a kindergarten lesson and other than learning numbers, addition and subtraction play a huge role in math. We simply wouldn’t be able to move forward without addition and subtraction. Students will simply complete this self-graded quiz at the end of our unit and see how much they understand these two concepts. This will also help me as a teacher to see how well my students did on this unit that I taught them.

Let’s go to our dream vacation!

This was my branching form that I created and this will help you to decide where you want to go for your dream vacation along with how you would like to get there. After you decide how you would like to get there, it directs you to different food places and activities in the location you chose!

3 Replies to “What would we do without it?”

  1. Kasidy! I loved the way you used your forms and I especially enjoyed your branching style. I really appreciated that you included a picture for every single choice and I could definitely see that being a huge help for the younger kids. Thanks for sharing!

  2. Kasidy, your quiz and travel exploration were both so fun! I like how you used Google Forms to create two totally different concepts! I think kids would have a great time with both. Nicely done!

  3. Kasidy, Good models of G Forms. I especially enjoy the well chosen illustrations for each. Makes them more engaging for students to explore.

    But you forgot your to add a featured image.

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