All Things Geometry!

  1. Self Graded Quiz – Recognizing Different Types of Solid Shapes!

This self graded quiz would be perfect to do with Kindergarteners to gauge their knowledge on different solid shapes. I created this form using a variety of pictures that represent solid shaped in real life!

2. Branching Form – Jungle Geometry Dash!

I created this Jungle Geometry Dash branching form as a fun interactive activity that the students can use as a brain break or just a small activity in between lessons throughout the day.

3 Replies to “All Things Geometry!”

  1. Hi! I loved how your branching activity was such an adventure and it correlated with the self-graded quiz! Very fun! I also loved all the visuals you used in the quiz. Great job!

  2. Two great examples of Google forms. I like how you integrated real-world shapes into the first. And your branching is a crazy geometry dash.

  3. Hi Kaelyn! I absolutely loved your use of the different quizzes. I thought your branching quiz was so fun – I loved how you assigned the characters with crazy faces and names. I thought this was so fun and interactive! I also liked how your first quiz included real-world objects that students encounter daily so that they can start to identify shapes outside of the classroom too!

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