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How I might make use of Google forms in the classroom: I loved the self-graded quiz! Like so many other Google products, it was super easy to use and very aesthetically pleasing. I could see myself making weekly math quizzes like the one I made here. It would be a great way to track student learning and I like that you can add videos and links as part of the feedback. This would be a good option for teachers who are teaching online too! I do wish you could differentiate between feedback for correct and incorrect answers on the short answer questions, but other than that, I was satisfied with the way Forms works. I’m not sure I would do as many branching forms just because you have to create so many sections to keep it branching, but it could be fun to incorporate into the classroom every once in a while.

My Self-Graded Quiz: Lesson 26 Quiz ~ Understand 10 More and 10 Less

My Branching Form: All About Me

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  1. Hailey! I loved your forms and I completely agree with you about the branch style, it is pretty complicated to execute well but I know how much fun it can be… Anyways, your forms were super awesome! Thanks for sharing!

  2. Hailey, both of these Google Forms are so fun! I really liked your wording on your math quiz, I can tell that you were very intentional have been learning from your field experience. Your about me quiz was so fun to take and I really like how you paired the answers with pictures, I know kids would love it.

  3. Hailey, Glad you found G Forms to be an easy to use and useful tool for your kit. I liked how you used a multiple choice grid style. Never occurred to me to have a series of related questions. A nice way for students to see connections between them because of close stacking.

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