Google Forms in the Classroom!

Self-Graded Quiz:

Adventure Branching Form:

How is it Useful?

Google Forms can have such a unique and special use in the classroom. I think some really cool ways are, of course, two of the ways I have displayed above. When looking at previous students’ work, I was quite inspired by the Art History gallery walk and thought I would make my own rendition regarding historical periods. Not all the periods I used will reflect that of social studies in elementary school, but I used some of my favorite periods to display how an adventure branching form can be used to teach history. I believe, especially in this day and age, students might find themselves more confident using technology when testing. So having self-graded quizzes for both formative and summative assessments is possible. One great feature of creating a formative self-graded quiz is students then are provided resources to study if they answered a question wrong or are unsure when reflecting on their score.


Photo by Christian Wiediger on Unsplash

2 Replies to “Google Forms in the Classroom!”

  1. Hi Georgina! These are great Google Forms you have created! I agree that students are a lot more confident using technology to take tests and this would be a great way to give formative and summative assessments. I like that your branching form gives students the opportunity to study what they want while also learning about history.

  2. Hi Georgina, fun examples of Google forms. But more importantly, I’m pleased to read that you see forms and a very useful tool for your kit. So much you can do with them.

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