Inside out

Good morning first graders! Today in our morning circle we will be talking about the emotions we feel. Today, our main goal is for us to identify our different emotions. Sometimes we feel different things, but aren’t able to describe what exactly we are feeling. The reason why we are doing this at the start of the day in the first week of the semester is so that we can identify our emotions throughout the semester together. Everyday from here on out, I am going to check in with you and ask you what emotion you are feeling. For today’s lesson we will be using jamboard!

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Instructions: The teacher will be displaying his/her IPad screen on the projector so that students are able to see what the question is and how to use jamboard correctly and appropriately. The teacher will explain to the students that they need to brainstorm their ideas on emotions that they might feel. Students must provide at least one example of when they feel this emotion along with a picture that represents the emotion they personally picked.

The goal for this lesson is that students will be able to see the different types of emotions their classmates experience and in a later lesson we would talk about how to manage emotions. Students will most likely have similar emotions that they feel and this will helps students to realize that they are not alone and have their peers to support them. After completing this lesson, students will then get four flashcards that they can draw on so that when the teacher asks how are we feeling today, they can hold up one of the cards they created. This will allow the teacher to see where the students are at and how they are feeling on that specific day!

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  1. Kasidy! I really like your idea of checking in with students to see where they are with their feelings everyday. I also really like how this activity is a brainstorm where students are able to share their ideas with their peers.

  2. Kassidy, a great idea for Jamboard – using it to helps students learn to positively express their emotions. I like the way you model and then ask student to try on their own. And then eventually use flashcards to check in on their feelings.

    One question – you note that students will provide a picture that represents their feelings. Will you supply those in an image bank? Might be easier than teaching them to search for their own.

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