A Day at the Beach

Ocean Lesson by Nicole Baer

This website is designed for kindergarten students as they start a unit on the ocean. The lessons provide information on marine animals in their natural habitat, the five ocean layers, and provides different ways that students can help conserve the ocean. Through this website it is my hope that students develop a newfound curiosity for the ocean, including its creatures, and develop an understanding of the harmful effects humans have on the ocean, and ways they can participate in the conserving of the ocean.

Featured image by Claudia14 on Pixabay

Let’s Talk About Health!

This post-assessment is intended for kindergarten students who have been learning about making healthy choices. The choice of lesson is based off of Oregon Standard: HE.7.K.1- Identify healthy practices and behaviors that maintain or improve personal health. In line with the standard, students are asked to read the questions and choose the healthier option. This post-assessment would be given in a 1:1 environment at the end of the lesson to see what information the students understand from the previous and current lessons. The use of the 1:1 environment would allow for the teacher to assist each student and answer questions when needed. Depending on the results of this post-assessment, the teacher can decide to move deeper into the lessons or refresh on the tested information.

Featured image by Silviarita on Pixabay

Community Lesson- San Ramon, CA

Using Tour Creator I have created a virtual tour of some key places in San Ramon, CA. This could be used in a community lesson to show students different places in the city they live and provide new information about those places. If this is a decided activity to do in the classroom, the students could create their own tour of the places they think of as their community.

Featured image by Drei Kubik on Pixabay

Feelings and Colors- Quiz

This is a interactive Google Slides quiz about how colors correspond with feelings. This quiz is for kindergarten through first grade and will be used to test the students on their knowledge of the different colors and which of those colors go with what emotion. Students will be given a scenario about how a classmate is feeling and will have to choose the correct color for each classmate’s emotion.

Featured Image by Gino Crescoli on Pixabay

Insect Activity for Kindergarten

Bees on a beehive

In my public domain search I found three pictures of different insects that can be found locally. I would lead kindergarten students in a “close reading” of the images in a whole class setting before we read a story on different bugs in order to activate prior knowledge. My guiding questions would include:

  1. How are these bugs similar? How are they different?
  2. Have you ever seen any of these bugs in person?
  3. What kind of food do you think these insects eat?
  4. Can you think of any ways that these insects can help each other?
Monarch butterfly on a flower
Photo by Erin Wilson on Unsplash
Bee on a flower
Photo by Jacek Dylag on Unsplash
Ladybug on a leaf
Photo by Neringa Hünnefeld on Unsplash

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Featured Image- Bees