Literary Genres: VS Wakelet

When looking at the different apps to use, I wanted to try and compare two with distinctly different styles and features. I decided to try out Wakelet because I liked that you can add links to websites and videos instead of just writing down information. On the other hand, I liked because it formed the information into a mind map that I could control the structure of. I found both apps fairly easy to navigate and enjoyed the features of each one. It is hard to choose which app I preferred as they are so different from each other, but I would have to say that I enjoyed using Wakelet more than Having worked with younger elementary students, (and probably working with them in the future) I think that the use of visuals, including pictures and videos, is very important when teaching to those younger students. I also think Wakelet was just more fun to use and had a lot more variety for what you can create. In the future, I could see myself using Wakelet with younger grades to teach any lesson, especially a literary genre lesson, and may even use it to have students create their own projects.

Featured photo by Clarissa Bell on Pixabay

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  1. Nicole, thanks for sharing what you think would be more beneficial for the younger grades as i am interested in that as well. Also i am so impressed by the detail you put into these examples!

  2. Great work Nicole! Your Wakelet is super cool and engaging for the students and it was so fun to explore – students would love it.

  3. Good comparative review. They both collect and visually display information – but you are correct – they do it very differently. I like your idea for “using Wakelet with younger grades to teach a literary genre lesson.”

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