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When looking at the apps I just compared them with some basics. I was looking at how they were to navigate, I also looked at how the the app looked (new and polished) and then what was offered in the free account. I ended up liking and can see myself using two of the apps. The two apps I would use are Bubbl.us and Padlet. I can see myself using Bubbl.us for a writing workshop. I tried to use both apps for the same reason which was talking about locations but I do not think that Bubbl.us would be good to use for this activity. I do think it could help students make a prewriting web with it or for me to make one as an example. However, I think it looks outdated. I wasn’t able to use Popplet because it needed to be used on an iPad or downloaded on a computer but it looks like it is similar to Bubbl.us so maybe it’s more updated.

Bubbl.us is not as new and polished at Padlet. I made a map on Padlet and liked all of the options I had from different maps to how you can add pictures from online. I also like all of the Padlet form options you can use. I definitely think this app could be great to use in the classroom. However, you have a limit on how many Padlets you can use with your free account. I would used Padlet for a lot of things. I think this could be a great app to explore the world and to practice the Capitals. It would give a visual of all the capitals and then the pictures could also help students remember the capitals.

Made with Padlet

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  1. Excellent post with a thoughtful review of the apps. I did not know about the Padlet map option – a new one that looks pretty cool. Hope great grandma is doing well in Tuscany. We had a trip planned there for next month. Oh well, another time.

  2. Ellie, I really like the purpose for why you used these apps. What a great example to show students and way to teach family ancestry. I also agree with you about the style of Padlet being a bit more polished and liked the various template options.

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