What Animals Eat: Wakelet Vs. Weblets

For this lesson, I whipped up a quick example in both Webjets and Wakelet of a young students lesson on how to classify animals based on what they eat. While Webjets was okay, I absolutely loved Wakelet! I was judging based on ease of use for both teacher and student, ability to add different forms of content, and overall easiness to navigate. Webjets looks cute with the style of a bulletin board, but creating “cards” was super tedious. Plus the website wasn’t as user friendly. Wakelet is pretty, super easy to use, and allows easy addition of outside content. It actually reminded me a lot of a google form. I think it was easy enough that kids could use it to make projects like animal reports, book reports, or science research.

I also couldn’t figure out how to make the HTML Snippet of the Wakelet page smaller or how to do a Snippet for Webjet. I’m not very tech savy, all the more reason I liked Wakelet!

Featured Photo by Gwen Weustink on Unsplash

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  1. Good comparative review and you support it with evidence. Like both samples you made. I would suggest that you get a screenshot of your Webjets and then use it as a hyperlink to your product. (Something you can always do if the edtech tool doesn’t generate embed codes)

    How to do that is explained in Class 6. See video “How to create an image link to your Google site and put it into WordPress”

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