Willamette Valley Weather – Two Ways!

For this project, I decided to compare Padlet and Popplet by creating little infographics and timelines about the weather in the Willamette Valley here in Oregon. On Padlet I created a timeline that shows how the rainfall and temperatures change over time by month. I really like how Padlet gives you so many options in regard to format. Everything was user friendly, and it seemed like it had a pretty easy learning curve to it! On Popplet I made a mind map or a web using the same information about the Willamette Valley. I thought Popplet was another really user friendly app! I Ike how you can show your thinking with the web-like feature, and i think his could be a really great tool to be used in the classroom. I did notice that it seemed to be very finicky and sensitive when you are trying to create a new box, but it was overall a great experience and a great way to organize your thinking, whereas Padlet was a better way to demonstrate your thinking. In the end, I think I will use both apps in the future!

Made with Padlet
Created with Popplet

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  1. Good comparative model. I liked how you used parallel content to support your analysis. I especially like how the Padlet “timeline” style model turned out. Well done!

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