Class 6: Design Learning with Google Sites

In today’s class we’ll learn how to create a website using Google sites. Sites are free and become part of your content stored in Google Drive. Sites can easily showcase content you have created using Google docs, slides, forms, MyMaps, Tour Creator or YouTube videos. Note: be sure to use the new (not classic) google sites.

We will begin by exploring some Hyperdoc lesson ideas (learning activities designed using the Google Suite.) Then we will have some basic instruction on creating a Google site and importing content from a variety of sources.

Assignment 5: Design a Google site | Sites 20-A6

Working solo or with a partner, design a learning activity that is supported by Google site. The Google site and WordPress elements

1. Google site – Start Page (Home Page)
Be sure to include:

  • Unique header image
  • Title of the lesson
  • Author (s) of the lesson
  • Target student group. Grade, course
  • Lesson context? – for example – introduction, pre-assessment, part of bigger unit, etc
  • The intent of the lesson –  for example – what would students know or be able to do? Or what feedback would teacher gain?

2. Google siteAt least 5 additional pages that provide resources and activities for the students
Be sure to include:

  • Unique header image for each of the pages
  • A pre or post assessment using a Google form
  • At least 4 content elements from the following Google suite: Slides, Forms, Docs, My Maps, Tour Creator, YouTube Videos (made by someone else)

3. A WordPress post that showcases the site.
Be sure to include:

  • Fun title and featured image
  • An image of the site that serves as hyperlink (see how to video below)
  • A brief write up about the site that includes – material from your start page list above


How to create an image link to your Google site and put it into WordPress

Get started with Google Sites

G Sites Learning Center

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