Explore the Solar System

By Allie Haakenson and Chloe Mar

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This lesson is meant to be taught to second graders. It is to be used as an introductory activity to a science unit about the solar system. The students will be taking a pre-assessment to demonstrate how much they know about the solar system, and so that can see how much they learn at the end of the unit. They will then go through pages on each of the planets, including the Sun. Each page has a quick introduction video and a small activity to complete; that highlights the planet. From all the data collected based on the google forms, docs, and slides we can then adjust and plan for what the students seem most interested in and still struggle with.

A Day at the Beach

Ocean Lesson by Nicole Baer

This website is designed for kindergarten students as they start a unit on the ocean. The lessons provide information on marine animals in their natural habitat, the five ocean layers, and provides different ways that students can help conserve the ocean. Through this website it is my hope that students develop a newfound curiosity for the ocean, including its creatures, and develop an understanding of the harmful effects humans have on the ocean, and ways they can participate in the conserving of the ocean.

Featured image by Claudia14 on Pixabay

Classroom Website for Ms. E and Ms. H

Authors: Braelyn Higdon and Ellie Cordova

The target grade for this classroom website is any grade. A classroom website can be beneficial for classrooms with students of all ages from primary school to college. The intent of this classroom website is to provide information for parents, guardians, caregivers, and students. Click the image below to visit Ms. E and Ms. H’s classroom website.

Featured Image by: Geralt

Ms. Frick’s Website!

This website that I created is meant to be a resource for parents and students in my 7th grade math class. It includes my contact information, the class homework schedule, some helpful websites that students can use for help reviewing topics and strengthening skills.

This website also allows parents to complete a form of their preferences for communication, which allows me to build better relationships with the adults in my students’ lives. Ideally I would love to update this website with more documents such as notes taken during class or handouts so that students would always have those resources available.

Write On 4th Graders!

Interactive Writer’s Workshop by Claire Nelson and Anna Wanner

This website was designed to aid 4th grade students along every step of the writing process – from brainstorming to creating their final draft. By the end of this workshop students will be able to confidently approach the writing process, by engaging in self-reflection both at the beginning and the end of the workshop, as well as participating in a variety of activities along the way. In addition, the post assessment provides a space for students to provide feedback on how helpful this workshop was so that the teacher can collect data on the effectiveness of their instruction. Furthermore, the teacher asks for any ideas for improvement to better this workshop experience.

Our hope for this tool is that students will have a resource that they can reference back to it whenever they get a new writing assignment and need support in any or all areas of the writing process!

Featured Image by David Schwarzenberg from Pixabay

Whatever Weather

rows of open umbrellas that are greens, blues, yellows, and white

This Google Site is designed as part of a bigger unit about weather for kindergarteners. It meets the Oregon Department of Education’s science standards for this grade as students are required to learn about different types of weather and what is appropriate to wear in those situations. The site includes a song, a Google tour showing different weather patterns, a short quiz about what they’ve learned, and a page of resources for further learning like games, more songs, and links to websites predicting current forecasts. This could be done however the teacher is most comfortable: individually, as a class, in a small group, or at home.

Featured image by Wim van ‘t Einde on Unsplash

Sink or Float

This website is designed for a kindergarten class to teach a simple basic science lesson on density, sinking and floating. This would be a part of a bigger unit lesson that meets the health and sciences standards. This website includes a fun video for students to learn why objects sink or float. A simple quiz to ensure they’re understanding and some fun resources at the end!


Authors: Alexis Henderson & Kali Tagomori-Lai

This activity is intended for a 3rd grade and up science lesson. This website contains an informational section which includes an article and video about the life cycle of a sunflower. It also contains a section that tests the students knowledge on everything they would have learned from the video and article. By the end of this lesson, students should be able to identify the different stages in the life cycle of a sunflower. Along with the acquisition of additional sunflower facts! 

Miss Cromwell’s Fabulous Third Grade Class Website

This is a website that I created for my third-grade class in order to stay connected with them and to give them some great online resources! I really enjoyed creating this, and I plan on using it when I have my own classroom and maybe even during my student teaching year! I think this is a fantastic way to keep students and parents updated with upcoming events, deadlines, and assignments. In the future, I will add school resources like the lunch schedule, where to apply for free and reduced lunches, and more! I included a lot of assignments that I created on the website, so have fun navigating through it if you wish!