Write On 4th Graders!

Interactive Writer’s Workshop by Claire Nelson and Anna Wanner

This website was designed to aid 4th grade students along every step of the writing process – from brainstorming to creating their final draft. By the end of this workshop students will be able to confidently approach the writing process, by engaging in self-reflection both at the beginning and the end of the workshop, as well as participating in a variety of activities along the way. In addition, the post assessment provides a space for students to provide feedback on how helpful this workshop was so that the teacher can collect data on the effectiveness of their instruction. Furthermore, the teacher asks for any ideas for improvement to better this workshop experience.

Our hope for this tool is that students will have a resource that they can reference back to it whenever they get a new writing assignment and need support in any or all areas of the writing process!

Featured Image by David Schwarzenberg from Pixabay

4 Replies to “Write On 4th Graders!”

  1. This is first rate! Great demonstration of how to support a Writer’s Workshop with a variety of supports. It make creative use of Google tools – like the mind map. Pre / post assessments bookend the lesson.

  2. Your website is awesome, it looks so professional! I really like how you made this lesson super interactive, I think students could really benefit from having something like this to look back on when they need. Good job!

  3. Anna and Claire,
    What a great site to use for students during writers workshop! This is a great site that allows for new recourses and materials to be added for writing as well as a quick way to gather student data with the embedded google forms.

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