A Day at the Beach

Ocean Lesson by Nicole Baer

This website is designed for kindergarten students as they start a unit on the ocean. The lessons provide information on marine animals in their natural habitat, the five ocean layers, and provides different ways that students can help conserve the ocean. Through this website it is my hope that students develop a newfound curiosity for the ocean, including its creatures, and develop an understanding of the harmful effects humans have on the ocean, and ways they can participate in the conserving of the ocean.

Featured image by Claudia14 on Pixabay

3 Replies to “A Day at the Beach”

  1. Hi Nicole! I went in to the lesson. I especially enjoyed the visuals. I also like the multiple resources you used to help teach the lesson!

  2. Nicole,
    This is such a great website and lesson! I enjoyed learning from this website myself and students would too. I particularly liked the section in which students discuss how they can do their part to conserve our oceans.

  3. Very well executed. Makes great use of Google tools. Each step of the lesson flows in logical sequence of learning material. Good scaffolding for students.

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