Explore the Solar System

By Allie Haakenson and Chloe Mar

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This lesson is meant to be taught to second graders. It is to be used as an introductory activity to a science unit about the solar system. The students will be taking a pre-assessment to demonstrate how much they know about the solar system, and so that can see how much they learn at the end of the unit. They will then go through pages on each of the planets, including the Sun. Each page has a quick introduction video and a small activity to complete; that highlights the planet. From all the data collected based on the google forms, docs, and slides we can then adjust and plan for what the students seem most interested in and still struggle with.

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  1. Very sophisticated collection. Logical order of information and assessment for each member of our solar system. Great illustrations make the lesson more appealing for students. Excellent
    … But what about Pluto???

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