Washington D.C Historical Tour

This is a tour of the National Mall in Washington D.C. The Mall is composed of museums, monuments, memorials, and government buildings. With this map, I want students to be able to explore all of the different aspects of the Mall. If students are not able to physically go there, then they can still see what is around. Or if we are able to plan a trip to the Mall, then we as a class can plan where we want to go and how we will get around.

I believe that this would be a great resource for students when they are learning about American History. Broken up by layers on the map, students can be broken up into groups and they can research different aspects of the mall: the government buildings, monuments and memorials, and museums. Through this research students can deep dive into why these aspects or specific parts are included and why they are important to American History. Each students will become their own expert in the specific part that they research, and can share their findings with the rest of the class.

Flags and Fractions

Authors: Chloe Mar and Braelyn Higdon

This lesson is for second grade students. This could be used as an activity with students in partners, as a warm up activity, or informal assessment to see where the students are at. The goal of this lesson is to show that the students can identify simple fractions in real life. Students will use flags to investigate the prompts on each slide.

Picture Source: Jason Leung

What Water Can Do

In science there are a bunch of different physical activities that make something change. The end result of these changes are called effects. One type of effect is called erosion. Erosion is the physical process in the surface of the earth is worn away through some type of physical change. Today we are going to be making guess as to is doing the eroding and what is being eroded.

In the next series of pictures, I want you to hypothesize (take an educated guess) of what is doing the eroding, what is being eroded, and why might erosion be happening?

Things to keep in mind while analyzing the pictures:

  1. What do they all have in common?
  2. What is being eroded?
  3. Why is it being eroded?
Horse Shoe Bend - Grand Canyon
Horse Shoe Bend – Grand Canyon
Mountain stream Aval S-charl, tributary of the Clemgia, seeking a way through the rubble of an erosion field
Mountain stream Aval S-charl, tributary of the Clemgia, seeking a way through the rubble of an erosion field
An atoll, a type of island that used to be bigger.
An atoll in the Maldives

Image Sources

Horse Shoe Bend by KeYang

Mountain Stream

Atoll by Ishan