Living a Healthy Lifestyle

For my final project, I created a lesson for fourth grade students. This lesson is part of a larger unit on nutrition and living a healthy lifestyle. My instructional goal for this lesson is for students to work collaboratively to gather information and display it in a creative way. Two ways that they will achieve this goal it to: 1. To investigate what makes a healthy lifestyle through looking at the resources on Wakelet and 2. To compose an acrostic poem, with the word nutrition or lifestyle, using relevant information from their research. For this lesson, students will be working in pairs, so they can discuss what they are learning and how to best demonstrate that through an acrostic poem. There should be computers or ipads available for each of the pairs to have one or, ideally, each student should have one device because on students will be able to share their Adobe Spark page with each other to edit at the same time.

Students will first be looking at a Wakelet that I created with resources around living a healthy lifestyle. They will be collecting information that they think is most important to know when creating their acrostic poem. This will support the students instructional goal because students will be looking at multiple resources and making decisions as to what they wish to include.


Students will show their knowledge, that they gained from looking through the Wakelet, they then will be creating an acrostic poem. An acrostic poem is a poem that a certain feature, in this case the first letter fro every line, will spell out a message or a word. Students can follow my example, by creating one based on and to spell the word nutrition, or they can create a poem using the word lifestyle. This supports my instructional goal because students will have to incorporate information from the Wakelet. Also, students will be working collaboratively in pairs to create their own Adobe Spark page, arranged in whatever way they please, as long as it gets the message across as a type of acrostic poem. If all students have access to laptops, then students can share editing their documents.

Students can share these poems as a presentation in front of the class on the projector, so they can all see what their classmates came up with. This lesson can also be implemented as an outside of school collaborative project, as most students doing distance learning currently. To share students’ poems online, I can put everyone’s work into a folder to share it with the class.

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  1. Chloe,

    You did such a great job on this project! The fact that all the sources you included for students to use as resources are easy to navigate and follow is a huge plus! I also like the idea that you are having students work in pairs for their acrostic poems. I think sometimes poetry of any kind can be daunting for students so the fact that they can use each other to create a fun poem on healthy living is great!

    I also really enjoyed looking at the example you created as another resource for students who may need some extra guidance in completing the activity. I also thought the ice cream picture looked really delicious 🙂

    Thanks for sharing !!

  2. Chloe- I’m so impressed with you project! Firstly, I’m really glad you chose to teach kids about nutrition; in American culture, it can be easy to forget that overall health is required for students to succeed. You found some excellent sources that are easy to navigate and informational without being overwhelming. I also love that you are giving them the opportunity to work in pairs for the poem part as i think navigating creative projects with other people is an important skill to develop. I’m sure kids would come up with some really funny ideas for the poem!
    Just a note- theres a typo in the very last sentence of your post (you’re missing the word “put”).

  3. Chloe, thank you for sharing your project!
    I really like that you connected the nutrition to writing by having students write a poem, how creative! I think that is a great way to have students demonstrate their knowledge of a healthy lifestyle. I think students would most importantly have fun creating their poem with the usage of AdobeSpark page as they can include fun pictures and personalize each part.
    I also really like that you used Waklelet to deliver instruction to students. The variety of resources included in ‘What makes a healthy lifestyle?’ Wakelet was very engaging and informational.

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